Kingston Evergreen Cemetery Association, Inc. 

21 Green Street, Kingston, Mass. 02364
Telephone: 781-585-4507
Schedule of Fees Effective 9/1/2015

 Holmes Park, CC Section, DD Section      $1,850.00
 A Section Overview  $1,850.00
 The Oaks (Rear Pond Area Opposite Evergreen Street)  $3,500.00
 Laurel-Vale  $3,000.00
 Oak Vale (Across from Holmes Park Section)  $3,000.00
 BB (Old Section)           $1,850.00
 Mirror Pond       $5,000.00
     • Mirror Pond, single graves, lots "lay-out" not completed 8/07  

 Full Burial $1550.00
 Infants or Stillborns $500.00
 Winter Openings (December 1st to March 31st)**                                                $300.00

 Weekend Openings** (Saturday, Sunday, Holiday)**       $400.00
 Foundation per square foot   $400.00 
 Setting of Footstone/Marker
  Supervising of Bench Installation $400.00
 Removals  Case by Case  
 • Two or more grave/lot spaces are required for a monument
**indicates additional cost

Roads are NOT maintained during winter months. 
Any snow plowing required will be an additional cost passed on to the burial.
Each grave accommodates 1 full casket burial & 1 burial of human cremated remains/stillborn OR burial of 2 human cremated remains.
Lot owners desiring to sell their lot must sell it ONLY to KINGSTON EVERGREEN CEMETERY at the original purchase price Lot Owner paid. Lot Owners are not allowed to sell their lot to any other person (eff. 10/24/2006)
Admininstration Fee: 
$50.00 per hour-1 Hour minimum and additional charge of $50.00 for each additional hour (eff 11/21/16)
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